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Quick recap: Everything Jim Harbaugh said after loss to Wisconsin

Harbaugh took the podium after another rough loss.

Michigan v Wisconsin Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines were blown out on Saturday at home by the Wisconsin Badgers by a score of 49-11. Head coach Jim Harbaugh took the virtual podium shortly thereaft

  • Harbaugh said Michigan was “thoroughly beaten” in every phase and they didn’t do anything well. Didn’t play good or coach good. “Not in a good place with execution, adjusting, what we’re doing schematically. Not in a good place as a football team right now and that falls on me.”
  • Said Wisconsin had extra blockers on perimeter and that Michigan was unable to set an edge all night. “There are things we were not containing.”
  • On why team looks worse each week: “Every part is not close to where it should be.” Reiterates that all things “thoroughly” are not where they need to be. “It starts with me and starts with our coaches.” Says if somebody is not executing, they have to find out why that is. “There’s nothing right now to say that an acceptable job is being done, players or coaches.” Says they will look for schematics, what is being done and who is doing it to identify the issues.
  • On the QB situation and Cade McNamara’s standing, Harbaugh says they will evaluate everything that is being done.
  • “All areas have underperformed” since the opening week of the season. Reiterated that it is on him and his responsibility.
  • Harbaugh says they will go back to work on Monday and looking to fix things and find solutions in order to make sure this does not continue to spiral out of control.
  • Asked about Joe Milton’s interceptions, Harbaugh says they will have to watch the film to identify what went wrong. First one he was rolling out, but contested catch. Second pick was throwing right to a Wisconsin defender despite not having a lane to throw.
  • Again, “everything that we do” is being looked at. Every meeting, practice, etc. will be to aid that improvement. All areas require improvement.
  • Asked to self-evaluate: Harbaugh says that the coaching of players and making them understand what to do needs to improve so they can go for it. “There seems to be hesitation and some confusion. Lack of communication on both sides of the ball.”
  • On how to keep players bought in or to get them to buy back in: “Have to identify the players who have pride and want to fight like hell for Michigan.”

Next up for Michigan is another primetime game, this time in the form of a road trip to take on Rutgers on Nov. 21.