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Quick recap: Everything Jim Harbaugh said in his Monday press conference

Rutgers v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh just left the virtual podium in Ann Arbor to put a bow on last week’s loss to Wisconsin and preview the game against Rutgers this weekend.

Here’s a quick recap of the topics that were covered.

  • Harbaugh says “working on football, working on our team” since Saturday night. Players back on Monday and they are “ready to get after it.”
  • Harbaugh says QB competition is open and both will see action with the ones this week.
  • “We have to go 1-0 this week. We’re never going to stop and never going to slow down. Find a way to go 1-0 this week. Keep pushing, keep attacking.”
  • Says he can name a lot of things every unit did not do well against Wisconsin. “You go forward and you assess. What to address, what to add. What to start...getting back to basics. It’s not one, it’s ‘what’ and ‘where.’”
  • No injury updates. Harbaugh said guys came to Michigan because they want to play and some are playing earlier than expect. Something to keep building upon.
  • Harbaugh says that Rutgers is “playing really good football in so many areas.” Says they are very physical, fast and execute well on both sides of the ball. “Running back still really good and has gotten even better.” They will have to play well in order to be successful.
  • “A faith in each individual player and coach and collectively as a team” to keep pushing and find a way to get things figured out when asked about experiences to draw on in this situation.
  • On lack of success throwing down the field, Harbaugh says plenty of stats to point to there on why they haven’t got it done. “Going forward, new week, striving to be 1-0.”
  • On keys to victory this weekend: “Getting back today, anticipating this for over 24 hours. Being around the guys again. I want to lead them. I want them to hear my voice and understand what the objectives are each and every day. Eventually that is going to be Saturday and winning that football game.” They will seek to do everything on the list to get this accomplished. “I want this to be the best Monday we have had all season.”
  • Harbaugh says he cannot remember when he gained humility in seasons like this, but knows there are guys in building who have not been through as much. Still thinks that everyone has gone through challenges and they need to be reminded to keep pushing and to overcome. Have faith in themselves to find a way to collectively regain that faith in each other. “It hurts, losing and the reaction with the guys. You can tell they felt it. Shake it off, go forward and push through with enthusiasm and a bounce in your step.”
  • Harbaugh felt his team was engaged and played hard on Saturday and can’t say that the want or desire to perform was missing. Also says he can’t make the argument that anything they did was good or acceptable, either.
  • Asked about being more hands on offensively and defensively, Harbaugh says he feels what they have in place is good and “I’m always looking at all aspects.”
  • Harbaugh again says that the staff will continue to help players try to understand what they are being asked to do.
  • Harbaugh keeping criticisms about QB play in-house, says he will coach both guys this week and that any issues they have are not for public consumption.
  • When asked about how hard this is: Harbaugh says he’s excited to keep coaching and “don’t think he could live without that.” Says there is no concern about the buy-in with the football team and they will not feel sorry for themselves. “Confidence is faith and faith that you find a way and get the job done.”

It will be another primetime showing for Michigan in the game against Rutgers with a 7:30 p.m. ET kickoff set from Piscataway on Saturday night on Big Ten Network. Vegas odds have installed the Wolverines as an 8.5-point favorite heading into the contest.