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Five positive plays from the loss to Wisconsin

There are some positives even in the darkest of times.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Look, this isn’t where any of us expected to be through the first four weeks, but the Michigan Wolverines currently sit at 1-3. It wasn’t a fun game on Saturday night as the Badgers put up score after score against a struggling Michigan offense and a defense that is broken. Still, there were a few positive plays on a night full of negative ones. For just a moment, let’s just focus on those good ones and blot out the rest.

5. Cam McGrone storms into the backfield for a TFL

When McGrone looks back on this season, this will certainly be one of his better plays. The sophomore linebacker follows the hole, immediately shoots in the gap, and makes a strong tackle on Wisconsin running back Nakia Watson. The play recognition was evident from the get-go and the Wolverines’ linebacker was rewarded for it.

4. Milton finds Giles Jackson on a wheel-route

On third-and-long, needing eleven for a first, Joe Milton puts a little finesse on this one and Giles Jackson comes down with it. Jackson shows a little flare at the end of it and picks up a few more. This first-down kept the drive going and nearly led to a score for the Michigan offense.

3. Cade McNamara and Jackson pick up two more

Cade McNamara came in for Milton in the third quarter and drove the Wolverines straight down the field for a score (more from this drive upcoming). Here, Jackson’s break off the line of scrimmage gives him some separation, and McNamara’s throw allows his receiver to do the rest. An impressive route from Jackson and a solid toss from the sophomore quarterback.

2. McNamara makes the best throw of the season

This is the best throw that has come out of a Michigan quarterback’s hands this season. McNamara rolls right and throws a dime on the run to the sideline where Nick Eubanks keeps his feet inbounds for a big gain. I don’t think there is a better spot where McNamara could have placed this ball, and he did so without his feet set. A gorgeous play for the backup who may not be their for much longer if he keeps making plays like this.

1. Mike Sainristil goes up and gets it

Although the former play was the best throw of the season, this may be the best catch. McNamara tosses one up to Mike Sainristil who had his defender by a step. Sainristil leaps, turns, and makes an incredible catch for the first touchdown of the night. A spectacular pitch-and-catch from two sophomores.