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WATCH: Film Analysis Episode 4.1 - Offensive Struggles vs. Wisconsin

What went wrong against Wisconsin offensively? Quite a bit! Stephen breaks it all down.

It was not a good day for the Michigan Wolverines. You already knew that, but I’m here to pile on with a 30+ minute analysis video! What exactly went wrong for the maize and blue? Welp, like last week against Indiana, you can’t just point to one player. Rather, it’s a myriad of missed assignments, missed opportunities, and missed blocks.

At the point I’m going to plug my hockey recap episode released recently as a brief aside. That’s much more fun, as the hockey team is insanely talented and showed it in their first two games. Check that out.

If you’re still with me, here are some brief notes from my analysis of the 14 plays in this episode of analysis:

  • Milton just can’t put it all together. He’s shown an ability now to put loft on the ball, but at the wrong times. He’s in his head about how to throw the right ball at the right time. His reads are also generally correct, but he’s late in trusting the WRs out of their breaks.
  • Blocking on the perimeter killed Michigan in this one. Bell had a rough few plays, as did All & Wilson on the edges, too. Tough stuff.
  • There’s little to no reads going on. On the QB keeps, they’re designed keeps for Milton in scenarios that a read would benefit the offense greatly.
  • It’s not just the players. Even when Michigan technically matches numbers in blocking in the box on run plays, they’re impossible tasks for the OL / WRs on certain assignments. Players aren’t being put in places to be successful on many occassions.

Yeah, that’s a sad list. Enjoy the video!