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WATCH: Film Analysis Episode 2.1: Penalty problems vs. Michigan State

Breaking down the penalties called in that mess of a game Saturday.

It was a rough, rough game all around for the Michigan Wolverines, and the officials decided to join along in the slog. Michigan racked up 10 penalties for 86 yards, while Michigan State added 5 penalties for 65 yards. A total of 141 yards tells you how involved the referees were in this one.

That being said, I’ve always held the belief that teams cannot let the officials beat them, and there were plenty of reasons that Michigan lost on Saturday, the officials simply didn’t offer too much help, overall. There were calls that went against both teams that I thought were iffy, at best, and tried to cover them in this episode.

Let me know if there are any calls I missed or what your thoughts are on each of the plays covered in the video. Stay tuned to the MaizenBrew YouTube channel, where I’ll be posting more analysis from this game.