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WATCH: How Cade McNamara unlocked Michigan’s offense vs. Rutgers

Let’s break down what was going wrong with the offense and how McNamara helped turn it around.

It’s no question that the Michigan Wolverines offense looked different once McNamara took hold of it late in the second quarter. He ended the game with 260 passing yards on 26 completions on 36 attempts. He accounted for five total touchdowns, four through the air and one on the ground. Overall, he looked in command of the offense, making quick, correct reads and kept the offense ahead of schedule consistently.

However, how much of that success can be attributed directly to McNamara? Don’t get me wrong, he was a crucial part of the offense finding their footing, but there were other aspects of the offense both execution-wise and schematically that helped enable McNamara to be successful.

I spent about 30 minutes breaking down his performance vs. Milton’s first half performance against Rutgers? The verdict? Yes, McNamara is solid and shows promise for the future. However, there are some considerations to take into consideration for future games that I line out in the video.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.