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Quick recap: Everything Jim Harbaugh said on COVID-19 positives, more in Monday presser

On the COVID positives within the program and more.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Maryland Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh just left the podium in Ann Arbor to put a bow on last weekend’s loss to Penn State and address the COVID-19 positives within the program.

Here’s a quick recap of what he had to say.

  • Everything being done virtually out of an abundance of caution while waiting for confirmation on positive tests, everything day to day at this point
  • Harbaugh says Michigan will follow protocols while awaiting news of number of positive results
  • There was not a lot of travel or air flights from players for Thanksgiving travel
  • On Michigan Daily article saying there might have been lack of emotion on sidelines, Harbaugh said he was excited for AJ Henning and did not turn to anyone to ask them to cheer. Said the example that was given did not happen.
  • Medical professionals and athletic department staff were behind the decision to do things virtually on Monday afternoon
  • Harbaugh calls Kwity Paye an “incredible leader” and has given them a number of high-quality plays throughout his career. Was good to see him back on the field after a few weeks off.
  • Number of presumptive positive cases will not be disclosed, but said there was an increased number obviously.
  • Harbaugh says everyone is tested daily and there are no concerns about lack of protocols being followed. There was a presumptive positive COVID test before Saturday’s game.
  • Michigan unsure about Cade McNamara’s injury until he gets treatment this week.
  • On running back rotation, Harbaugh says there was a number of quality runs from all the backs. Believes they are all quality players and “doing a great job.”
  • Harbaugh says they will continue to do what they have done with COVID protocols and lean on medical professionals in whatever decisions are made about games and the season moving forward. Calls it a “continuation of being proactive.” Says he will not predict tomorrow or the next day what could happen.
  • Harbaugh says he thinks the focus from his team has been “really good.” Says that his team has been emotionally and physically invested. Says it’s tough to not reap the rewards of that.
  • Asked if they could do a better job as coaches setting example for masks, says they are doing this all the time already.
  • Harbaugh calls the presumed positives “an increase from more than zero.”
  • Harbaugh says that recruiting is going well still despite not being able to address specifics publically.
  • Vincent Gray, Dax Hill and Gemon Green mentioned as standout players on defense. Felt they showed improvement this week.
  • No update to share on Cam McGrone’s injury.
  • Harbaugh says he has a team that is competing and really working at it. “There is distain to the process by some, but that’s part of it.” Says this in reference to people outside the program.
  • On if season has been worth it with all of the hoops to jump through to get games played, Harbaugh says there are challenges in football and in life. Responding and rising up to that challenge is a belief he holds strongly.