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Michigan and Iowa will play in the Champions Week crossover game

There might be one more back at the scene of an infamous Harbaugh loss.

Michigan v Iowa Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

It has been made clear by the powers that be that the Michigan Wolverines are not done playing football this season in reference to addressing the future and it at least sounds like we have an idea of what this last game will look like. The Big Ten Conference announced on Sunday the matchups for “Champions Week” and the word on the street is that Michigan will be playing Iowa, which was reported first by Chris Balas of The Wolverine.

Originally, Champions Week was set to pit teams between the East and West Divisions but apparently, they just decided to make it up as they go along, which has been the way they have operated all season long.

So there you have it. Michigan is scheduled for one final game this season and will head to Kinnick for another night game, a place that they lost 14-13 in 2016 in the only game they have played there under Jim Harbaugh. They have played one other time with Michigan winning a 10-3 decision in Ann Arbor last year. The game will kick off at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN.

We do not know who will be available or if Michigan will be cleared to prepare for this game, but you can now add a week of practice and game planning to the growing list of things to address with the program.