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Jim Harbaugh reveals message to recruits amid contract uncertainty

He’s still all-in as prospects prepare to sign.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Minnesota Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Wolverines not only have a game to prepare for on Saturday, but Wednesday begins the time where members of the 2021 football recruiting class will sign their national letters of intent with the program. Given that the contract status of head coach Jim Harbaugh is currently in the air, it stands to reason why there are plenty of questions surrounding who will ultimately put their commitments to Michigan in ink.

Harbaugh spoke to the media on Monday ahead of this weekend’s game at Iowa and was asked if questions about his future have come up in conversations with prospects. He was forthright about it and what his message has been to these players.

“Yeah, that question does come up,” Harbaugh said. “Tell them my plan is committed to Michigan. I have been and will remain. As far as the (contract), we’ll sit down, Warde Manuel and I will talk at the end of the season on the current contract. That’s the truth. That’s where it stands.”

Harbaugh and his staff have kept in contact with members of the class, which currently ranks No. 9 in the country. He shared what he believes is excitement, not unsteadiness, being taken in the tone of these conversations.

“Been having conversations as we always do (with recruits),” Harbaugh said. “Been very excited (for them) to sign the national letter of intent. It’s been a lifelong dream to do that and excited to sign with Michigan.”

We will have to wait and see what happens, but it seems as if this mixed with players that have publically reaffirmed their commitments in recent days and weeks makes this a bit lesser of a concern than what has been discussed. Still, the optics of a deal not being in place after the guys sign still is not great. The end of the season is rapidly approaching, so we will have a resolution soon it seems.