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WATCH: How Michigan Should Have Handled Harbaugh’s Contract

There were better times than now to resolve Jim Harbaugh’s contract.

In yesterday’s video, I explained how the Michigan Wolverines found themselves alone as the only Big Ten program on contract ending before 2024. Jim Harbaugh stands alone as the shortest head coach in the Power 5 with a contract less than one year in duration at this point. It’s simply not something that happens in the college football landscape these days.

Now that we have the context, what could or should Michigan have done to avoid this? Was there a better time to have this extension in place? Or were we doomed regardless? I answer those questions as well as provide my best guess for the $1 million question, “What will Michigan do?”

Timestamps can be found below:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:31 - No Kid Hungry
  • 01:19 - What Should Have Michigan Done?
  • 06:25 - What WILL Michigan Do?
  • 06:28 - Part 2 Overview
  • 10:28 - Wrap-up

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