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Tom Brady, Peyton Manning joining Tiger vs. Phil rematch: Reasons to be excited

Four legends, one course, two teams.

AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am - Round Two Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

As you all know by now, there are little to no live sports options to view across the globe, and that’s a massive bummer during a time in history that is challenging to say the least. People turn to sports to forget their troubles, to bond with other humans, and to simply be entertained.

While we have no clue as to when the NHL, NBA, and other sports will resume, there’s a good chance there will be a marquee golf event happening sometime this summer.

A golf event, featuring some of the greatest athletes in American history. No, it isn’t the Masters, but it’ll have to do. Per, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods will be having a rematch of their 2018 head-to-head battle, but this time they’ll both have a partner. Their partners will be two of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of all time, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Here are some reasons to be excited for this outing.

It’s weird, in a good way

Everything is strange right now, this match included. This time of year Tom Brady would be conditioning with teammates for the regular season, Woods and Mickelson would be participating in weekly events on the PGA Tour. However, they can’t do those things right now, which in turn has opened the door to this event happening. Hopefully this will be the only time an event like this can actually transpire during the summer months, but these are the cards we have all been dealt in 2020 so we might as well welcome an event like this with open arms.

It’ll raise money and spread awareness to help fight Covid-19

The matchup would have no spectators, the players would keep six feet of distance between one another per CDC guidelines, and the event would benefit charity. The outing would serve as a nice public service announcement about social distancing, and the funds raised would help entities in need of relief during a financially draining time for just about every organization in the country.

Seeing Tom Brady lay the smackdown on Peyton Manning again

Of course there’s going to be a little Tom Brady bias in a Michigan Wolverines fan-community. Hell, I have a twelve year old cat named Brady, so just in this instance I will happily let you know who I’m rooting for.

I grew up watching Tom Brady and the Patriots face off against Peyton Manning and the Colts. Although I’m a northwest Indiana native, I rooted for Brady each and every time. Head-to-head, Brady holds the edge over Manning, going 11-6 vs. Peyton. Let’s make it 12-6, Tommy.

Hilarious banter

Some people love Tom Brady, some people hate him. The same can be said for Manning, Woods, and Mickelson. People pick their favorites and choose an enemy all in the name of good fun. What’s true no matter who you’re rooting for is the fact that these guys are all quick-witted, have a good sense of humor, are highly competitive,l. There will be some trash talking on the course.

A reason to live-tweet an event, crack open a brew, have a good time

It’s been rough on Twitter lately. We’ve been live-tweeting what we’re making for breakfast, shows we’re watching, going in depth on an ESPN replay of a game from 2006. We’re doing our best to stay busy and stay engaged on social media, but we’re all doing different things for the most part. We’re not all locked into watching the same event at once. This outing would allow millions of people to all interact at once, all crack open a cold one at once, for the same reason. The world is a better place when we’re all connected, and anything that allows us to do that in a positive way receives a green light from me.

Finally a reason to talk about another Tiger

Half of the world has watched Tiger King on Netflix. Some of you have made memes about it, some of you hate that it’s getting the amount of recognition it is. I can’t think of the word tiger right now without associating it with that damn trainwreck of a show. Tiger Woods may be our only hope to move past Joe Exotic.