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Jim Harbaugh names best QB arms he’s ever seen

Harbaugh’s list includes two of his former players.

NCAA FOOTBALL: JAN 03 - Discover Orange Bowl - Stanford vs Virginia Tech Photo by Doug Murray/Icon SMI/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has been around a lot of talented quarterbacks, as a player and as a coach. During an interview with Dan Patrick, Harbaugh was asked which quarterback has the best arm he’s ever seen.

“That’s a toughy,” Harbaugh said. “Andrew Luck, he had a great arm. The ball came out a lot faster, you know, threw it harder than you look like he was throwing it but it was catchable. Colin Kaepernick extremely, extremely strong arm. Randall Cunningham, he had that fluid motion, whip. Yeah. The amazing thing is that there wasn’t two guys that threw it the same. Everybody had a little bit different throwing motion. Brett Favre was an incredibly strong-arm guy.”

Harbaugh coached both Luck (Stanford) and Kaepernick (San Francisco 49ers), and played against the likes of Cunningham and Favre as an NFL QB. In fact, Harbaugh even competed with Cunningham and Favre in the quarterback challenge, an event Harbaugh won in 1998.

When specifically asked about the 1995 edition of the longest throw portion of the challenge, Harbaugh recalled Favre and Cunningham impressing him. “I remember, that was the farthest I’ve ever thrown a ball. So I remember feeling really good about myself, that I threw it as far as I did, and it’s kind of a low wind-cheater,” Harbaugh said. “Yeah watching Favre throw the long ball, Randall Cunningham, one time saw him throw it 75 or 80 yards into the wind, that was.. wow, gosh, that was amazing stuff.”

Who has the best arm you’ve ever seen?