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LSU’s AD reveals talks have taken place about a series with Michigan Football

Give us Coach O vs. Harbaugh please.

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

LSU athletic director Scott Woodward spoke to the media on Thursday afternoon and revealed that there have been discussions with the Michigan Wolverines about meeting on the football field and that he wants it to happen.

From Brody Miller of The Athletic:

Woodward also dropped a hint about potential neutral site games in the future, saying “There happens to be a new stadium in the NFL being built, and that would be a great place to play a neutral site game.” Los Angeles and Las Vegas both have venues set to open this season. However, it remains unclear if that statement and the interest in scheduling Michigan is related. Miller points out that Michigan AD Warde Manuel is a resident of New Orleans, so he does have ties to the area.

The Tigers and Wolverines have yet to play each other, but are two of the biggest brands in college football. We recently did an article about home-and-home arrangements that we would love to see Michigan involved in and LSU was the runaway winner with over 42 percent of the vote.

“Believe it or not, the Wolverines and Tigers have never met on the field. Why would this be interesting? Because we need Jim Harbaugh and Ed Orgeron content. You know it and I know it. Death Valley and Michigan Stadium are two of the sport’s iconic venues and this would be a blast,” we wrote.

Yes to this. Hell yes, actually. To hell with Notre Dame for the foreseeable future. To hell with directional MAC schools. This would be a blast that it seems more people than not are all for seeing.