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Michigan freshman entering transfer portal months after signing with program

He signed with Michigan back in December of 2019.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Illinois Michael Allio-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan Wolverines freshman defensive lineman Aaron Lewis has entered the transfer portal before ever playing or suiting up for the program, it was confirmed late Wednesday afternoon.

Lewis signed with Michigan back in December of 2019 and enrolled early, but is now moving on before his first season with the team begins. He was a three-star recruit and the No. 463 player in the country.

A lot has changed in the last few months in the landscape of college football, but this one is a bit of a surprise, especially given comments that Lewis made to 247Sports’ Sam Webb during his recruitment:

“Coach Harbaugh is such a good guy. He’s not like other coaches. I think Coach Harbaugh really, really truly cares about the player. Some of the coaches, they don’t really show emotion to their players. Me and Coach Harbaugh, we grew really close. We would text before almost every game. We’d talk about what’s going to happen, the game schemes and stuff like that. So, Coach Harbaugh was really there for me during it all too, and that’s (another) thing that made me want to go there. Coach Harbaugh has such good history as a coach. I’ve got to take a chance on this because not everybody gets to get coached by a coach that was in a Super Bowl.”

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.