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Michigan football player calls Big Ten presidents ‘incompetent’ in Instagram post

He was not pleased with the Big Ten’s decision.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Illinois Michael Allio-USA TODAY Sports

As you probably know by now, the Big Ten Conference canceled their fall football season on Tuesday and received a sweeping rush of backlash from some of their universities and their subsidiaries in conference.

One of the most notable was Michigan Wolverines senior defensive back Tyler Cochran, who went off on the presidents of the conference, specifically Michigan’s Mark Schlissel.

Cochran was specifically upset because he purposefully left himself one credit short of graduating so he could return for his fifth year with the football program in Ann Arbor. The three-time academic All Big-Ten honoree and has seen plenty of snap on special teams throughout his career.

“Last year I decided to drop a class to come short of graduation by 1 credit to come back and play my final year of eligibility. Unfortunately, the incompetent Presidents of the Big Ten decided, despite constant testing and strict protocols, that the voices of the players were irrelevant and cancelled the season. It’s even more disappointing that the U of M president did not come speak to our team or even explain his decision making process. Not surprising since I’ve never seen him in the facility in my 4+ years here. Due to this decision, I, along with many of my brothers, may never be able to play the game of football again.

“I’ve wanted to play football for Michigan and follow in the footsteps of my dad ever since I can remember, and he had that same dream for me too. Coach Harbaugh gave me that opportunity, and everything that came with it was more than anything I could’ve ever wished for. I’ve played in the Big House, traveled the world, and got to wear the winged helmet. I got to share the honor of playing for Michigan with my father. If I never get the opportunity to play football again... this has still been more than a dream come true.

“Go Blue!”

Sadly, Cochran could have already seen his last game as a Wolverine pass. He is one of several Big Ten and PAC-12 seniors who may never play another organized game of football.

Voicing of frustration like this can certainly be justified. But whichever way this went there would have been players and staff with strong opinions. This will inevitably one of the first of many circumstances we will see of frustration boiling over in the next few days.