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Michigan Football Families send letter to Big Ten and President Schlissel with requests

Parents of U-M players are calling on a reversal of the Big Ten decision.

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The families of Michigan Wolverines football players are calling on the Big Ten and university president Mark Schlissel to explain to them the rationale for canceling the football season last week, they said in a letter that was made public on Monday morning.

The families are united in asking for video meetings with the Big Ten and Schlissel to discuss the decisions that were made and also an attempt to sway them to undo the cancelation of the season.

Michigan parents were complimentary of the program’s ability to keep their sons safe throughout the offseason and urged administration to let the players be a part of the conversation.

Here is the letter that was sent in full:

To Commissioner Warren and University of Michigan President Schlissel:

This communication is in response to the cancelation of the 2020 Big Ten football season. We, the parents of the University of Michigan Football players, are compelled to express our support for our sons and for the Michigan coaching staff and program. We have seen the responses from other Big Ten football families and we support their letters. We feel that the decision to cancel the 2020 season was premature. We also believe the Big Ten and University Presidents failed to exercise due diligence by not acquiring the input of the very student athletes their decision would impact.

The Michigan football staff has taken every measure to ensure the safety and well-being of our sons. Coach Harbaugh and staff have maintained consistent communication with us through the entire process. We are well-versed in the protocols that have been established by the University of Michigan to reduce risk and maintain a safe environment. As such, we have complete trust in the coaching and medical staff at the University of Michigan.

More importantly, we have complete trust in our sons and their ability to determine what is best for them. Therefore, we overwhelmingly support their decisions to play or opt out this fall. As football players, they understand risk. As young men, they understand the consequences of their decisions. They are able to balance potential risk with reward. We believe that our boys’ participating in Michigan football this fall is the best possible environment during these uncertain times.

We strongly believe that denying these players the opportunity to compete this season would jeopardize their futures. They deserve the opportunity to play.

We request the following:

  • A video meeting with the Big Ten Commissioner to discuss the Big Ten’s rationale
  • A video meeting with President Schlissel to discuss the rationale of voting against playing when our safety protocol was proving to be effective
  • A detailed description of the critical facts that were used to cancel the season
  • A detailed description of the standard protocols and safety practice for all Big Ten teams
  • A reverasal of the cancellation of the 2020 ten game season

The University of Michigan Football Families