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Nick Eubanks unsure of future with Michigan Football after postponed fall season

He has not decided whether he will play in a spring season or not.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 02 Michigan at Maryland Photo by Tony Quinn/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Nick Eubanks was set for an expanded role in the Michigan Wolverines offense this fall as the leader in the tight end room, but those plans — along with many others — were derailed by the Big Ten’s decision to postpone the fall season.

Eubanks, who spoke to the Michigan media via Zoom on Wednesday afternoon, admitted that he is thinking a lot about his future from here. Will so much still in the air with conversations about eligibility, the viability of a spring season and whether the 2021 NFL Draft is the next challenge to lie ahead, he addressed what has been going through his mind.

“I think about that a lot, especially now (with) the season being postponed,” Eubanks said. “Right now, I’m just going to stick around and train for a couple of months and then see what it goes from there in terms of me making a decision of whether or not there’s a spring decision or not. I think I’ll make my decision by then and see where I go from there.”

There is no guarantee that a season will take place in the spring, leaving Eubanks and several other upperclassmen to wonder if to wonder if they would be willing to wait things out and come back for a fall season in 2021. That would be a sixth year at Michigan for the senior tight end and he is not sure where he would be leaning in that scenario.

“That’s a common question I get asked all the time,” Eubanks said. “Not saying I have an answer, but I’m taking this time to soak in what I can do now and what’s available to me now. That’s a long thought down the road, too. Like I said, just to sit down with the older guys to make that decision, because basically, that’s who I’m gonna be around next year if there is one. I think about that a lot and I give that some heavy thought every time I walk into Schembechler Hall and just being around the team, you get that same sensation about coming back and just trying to give it one more shot, even if things don’t go well or do go well, that’s something I’d think about a lot.”

“There’s not too many older dudes here, but I talk to guys like Carlo, Kwity and Aidan – guys like that. Chris Evans,” Eubanks continued. “We talk about that and it might be something we’re sitting on in terms of us next year, whether there’s a season next year – that’s a long thought. But one day (we will) sit down with those guys and we’ll talk about it.”

It is still early on in the process, but Eubanks’ comments on Wednesday are thoughts that are being shared by players inside the building as they continue to practice and put the work in as the conference rules still allow. The focus appears as if it will remain on getting better with the time they are being given to spend with their teammates and coaches.

Eubanks had 25 catches for 343 yards and four touchdowns last season for the Wolverines.