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VOTE: Maize n Brew’s Michigan Hall of Fame — Top 16

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Six more names will be eliminated before Thursday.

Michigan Wolverines

This week at Maize n Brew, we are taking on the challenge of opening our very own Michigan Wolverines Hall of Fame section on the site. But instead of a panel of us deciding behind the scenes what this class will look like or what we are going to do with it, we are opening up the debate and enshrinement process up to our readers and fans of the university and its multiple historic sports.

We started the week with 40 names and by Friday, we will have our inaugural class picked out of five former Wolverines that we will profile during an “enshrinement week” at a date to be determined. As of now, the list is down to 16 as we trim down to 10 ahead of Thursday.

So without further ado, pick out as many names (up to 10) that you believe should survive the first round of cuts in the form below. If it does not display properly for you on the website, it can be reached via the link here.