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Michigan LB Cam McGrone: “who cares about a schedule, let’s play ball”

Getting to the Big Ten Championship Game is never easy.

Notre Dame v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

The Big Ten released their football schedule on Saturday morning, and now the Michigan Wolverines know who they play during the eight game season.

Sure, Michigan starts out on the road against a good team in Minnesota, and plays top-tier programs like Penn State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin. However, this schedule isn’t a surprise, it’s been known for quite some time the entire Big Ten would be playing a conference-only schedule. Could it have been an easier schedule? Yes, but their record is 0-0, the same as every other team in the conference.

To cower from the difficulties would be a detriment to any program, especially one that has big aspirations each and every year and striving to reach milestones they haven’t in years.

Michigan linebacker Cam Mcgrone summed up on Twitter how he feels about the schedule, a comment that likely resonates with many of his teammates.

“Who cares about a schedule,” McGrone said. “let’s play ball.”

Play ball they will.

There has been an incredible amount of uncertainty this year, and definitely since the Big Ten announced in August that the cancellation of the fall season was final and the decision wouldn’t be revisited. These players almost had their opportunity taken away from them, now that opportunity is back. They’d play Ohio State, Clemson, or the Kansas City Chiefs eight weeks in a row if they had to. They just want to play.

The metrics indicate Michigan has a hard schedule, but there’s going to be no ‘woe is me attitude’ about it. A road trip to Minnesota week one for a new starting QB and new offensive line doesn’t exactly sound like a recipe for victory, but from the team’s perspective they might be looking forward to a road trip together and making a statement against the Golden Gophers. How the outside thinks and what a team thinks can be entirely different.

All Michigan’s goals are still attainable. They have zero losses. I agree with McGrone, who cares about a schedule, it’s time to ball.