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Jim Harbaugh says Michigan could be in game-shape in two weeks

Harbaugh’s ready to get his guys back on the field.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 01 Michigan at Notre Dame Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh has made it clear he believes his football team has done everything possible to allow them the opportunity to play a fall football season. That sentiment was shared by Harbaugh at the #LetThemPlay rally in Ann Arbor on Saturday.

Harbaugh believes that the team would be able to play in just a short matter of time if given the go ahead by the Big Ten. The team would just need to put on pads for a couple weeks and then they’d be ready to roll. The team has shown they’re taking the coronavirus very seriously, not recording a positive test in now over a month.

“Everybody has been ‘we want to play as soon as we possibly can.’ And we’re ready to play,” Harbaugh said. “We could be ready to play a game in two weeks. Just get the pads on and our guys have been training without a pause since June 15. So that’s our position, we’re ready to play as soon as we can possibly play.”

Harbaugh’s comments should come as no surprise, but what is important is the time-frame he thinks it would take for the team to start their season. The team has been practicing, is physically fit from everything that’s been reported and their cardio threshold is likely high. However, there’s no replacement for the hard-hitting contact that comes with pads.

Harbaugh also noted that an October start to the season is a possibility, although it remains to be seen how likely that is or not. “That we could possibly, that maybe there’s a chance we could be playing sometime in October, early October, there’s a chance of that,” Harbaugh said.

Quarterback Dylan McCaffrey was at the protest and adamantly feels the team is in physically great shape and they could suit up tomorrow. It’s safe to say the team has been bunkering down and staying ready so they’re ready if and when the next chance at a season presents itself.