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WATCH: Analyzing Jim Harbaugh’s Contract Rumor Discussion

Breaking down the latest reports about Jim Harbaugh’s apparent contract extension

With the latest news from Bruce Feldman & John U. Bacon, we have additional information regarding the proposed contract that was placed in front of Jim Harbaugh for a future with the Michigan Wolverines. It appears it’s up to the current head coach to sign a 6-year extension with a slightly restructured deal.

A lower buyout, incentive-driven contract makes sense given the past 6 years we’ve seen from Harbaugh. So at this point the question is, why hasn’t this signed? I explore those questions, as well as my best guess as to what will happen and when.

Timestamps for this video can be found below:

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:16 - Breaking down Tweets
  • 00:49 - What’s new in this info?
  • 01:18 - Importance of timing
  • 02:04 - 6 years, what does it mean?
  • 02:45 - 2020 season affect on extension
  • 03:32 - What it shoes me about Michigan
  • 06:19 - When will a decision be made?
  • 07:32 - Q&A