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QB J.J. McCarthy believes Michigan has the ‘best fans in the country’

The true freshman has made it be known what he thinks about the fan base.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Michigan Wolverines quarterback J.J. McCarthy has been a fan favorite since the day he committed as a five-star recruit back in May 2019, and he has vocalized his love for the university prominently ever since. His talent and loyalty to the program earned a lot of praise from the Michigan fan base, and McCarthy loves it.

“We have the best fans in the country,” McCarthy said earlier this week. “These fans are awesome, they’ve been awesome since day one, win or lose, and it’s just been really cool to be around them.”

McCarthy hears the love and praise from the fans, too. He even noticed some fans paint their chests to say “I heart JJ.”

“I saw these one kids paint their chest before the game, and that was really cool,” McCarthy said. “I made sure to hit them up after and say appreciate them, love them too.”

When McCarthy was still a recruit, he was very active in recruiting players to join him in Ann Arbor. He still plays a role in recruiting now as a player, and can share the love he has felt from the fanbase and his overall experience with potential recruits.

“I’m always offering to help in any way that I can with recruiting,” McCarthy said. “I know how big of a part that is to a successful football team. We need the right guys in our program to win the games that we need to win and honestly, like, whenever they need me I’m going to do whatever they ask and talk to whoever I need to talk to and just tell them straight up exactly why they need to come here, I mean, it’s not too hard to recruit Michigan. It’s not too hard at all. This is the place to be for sure.”

McCarthy has only completed half a season as a Michigan Wolverine, but there’s no doubt he’s enjoying his time in Ann Arbor already.