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WATCH: Which QB Should Start? McNamara or McCarthy?

After a win against Northwestern, the dominating discussion point is the QB position

I can’t really believe that I’m making this video while the Michigan Wolverines are 7-0 and about to take on a 7-0 Michigan State Spartans team. I thought the comfortable win over Wisconsin, who has one of the best run defenses in the country, would have put any arguments about Cade McNamara’s skillset to rest, but alas, they have not.

Ahead of that Wisconsin game, the main question people had was “What happens when Michigan CAN’T run the ball?” Well, McNamara had an extremely efficient day through the air with a pair of touchdowns to lead the Wolverines to a comfortable victory. To me, that was a definitive answer to that question.

However, add in a scary Nebraska game where McNamara underperformed, as well as a Northwestern game where numerous open deep shots were missed, and the argument for starting the true freshman five-star J.J. McCarthy at quarterback has bubbled back up to the surface. No doubt McCarthy has a higher ceiling himself, but how low is the floor? Do we have enough data to make a definitive answer? These are a couple of the questions I worked through my head and covered in this video.

Honestly, this video helped me focus on something other than the Spartans, thus saving a load of laundry from the shirt-sweating affair that that would’ve been leading up to that game. Take a look, leave a comment on whether you think I’m right or crazy (or both), and we’ll go from there.