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Jim Harbaugh’s leg caught on fire during Penn State game

Yep, this happened.

Michigan v Penn State Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

It was windy and cold at Beaver Stadium on Saturday afternoon — with temperatures hovering in the upper 30’s. Michigan OLB Aidan Hutchinson described the weather as “a little windy, a little nasty”. It was the type of fall day that required some space heaters outdoors.

The space heaters sure were working on the Michigan sideline, so well that head coach Jim Harbaugh’s leg was on fire.

“Those pants are kinda messed up,” Harbaugh joked when Jon Jansen asked how close he came to losing his pants. “I was talking to Hassan (Haskins) or Roman Wilson and Daylen Baldwin said ‘hey man, your leg’s on fire’. Good thing I got a high pain threshold.”

Harbaugh is giving Baldwin a hard time for telling him he was on fire in a calm and collected manner.

“Maybe a little coaching point to Daylen Baldwin, if somebody’s on fire man, like ‘hey coach!’ Maybe just grab me out, just get me out of the way or something. Be a little more emphatic that someone is on fire,” Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh also joked that the pants are Lulu Lemon and are expensive, so he might cut them off and wear ‘em as shorts. Either way, he’s keeping them as a memento.

Jim Harbaugh is 1-0 when his leg is on fire.