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For Jim Harbaugh, Michigan’s win over Ohio State ‘feels like the beginning’

“Fearless but not careless.”

Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

What does Michigan’s 42-27 win over Ohio State say about the Wolverines locker room?

“It says they were well prepared. Very determined. My favorite saying of all time is ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. And the will was very strong with our team. And the way it feels now, feels like the beginning,” head coach Jim Harbaugh said.

Of course, this wasn’t just any victory, this was Harbaugh’s first win over Ohio State. This wasn’t just a win over Ohio State, this was a win that gets Michigan the Big Ten East title and a berth in the Big Ten Championship Game next Saturday.

“Feels like the best one,” Harbaugh laughed, receiving laughs back from the media. “It sure does, it really does. Get ready for next week’s. Maybe next week’s will be the best, but that’s why it feels like the beginning. Continue, we’ll continue to do what we do and move on with humble hearts. Greatness doesn’t fear consequences. Fearless but not careless, onward. That’s how it feels,” Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh said the celebration will go long into the night with “a lot of joy in Ann Arbor”.

“We got a lot of hours left today, tomorrow we’ll get onto the opponent whether it’s Wisconsin or Iowa in the Big Ten Championship Game,” Harbaugh said.

As far as abrasive things Ohio State has done and said, Harbaugh acknowledged those types of things motivate this 2021 Michigan Football team.

“Take the high road, but there’s definitely stuff that people said that spurred us on even more, sure,” Harbaugh said. “Sometimes people standing on third base think they hit a triple but didn’t.”

Michigan can take the high road, but most importantly their road now leads to Indy for that Big Ten Championship Game.