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Michigan fans created monumental atmosphere at The Big House during win over OSU

The team delivered. The fans delivered.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

Michigan edge-rusher Aidan Hutchinson has been thinking about beating Ohio State for quite some time. The past failures fueled Hutchinson’s desire to come back to Michigan. Hutchinson said he’s visualized fans storming the field at The Big House (Michigan Stadium) for two years. Those visions came to life on Saturday when Michigan beat Ohio State 42-27.

Michigan fans were locked and loaded well before the game started, and were energized long after the final whistle as well. Michigan needed a decisive home-field advantage against a talented Buckeyes team, and the crowd delivered.

“I think the crowd was the loudest I ever heard the Big House,” Hutchinson said. “The most invested, rightfully so — but it was such a great atmosphere. Talk about a good group of fans.”

111,156 fans packed into The Big House, over 80% were Michigan fans, with 20% or less wearing red and cheering on the Buckeyes. This wasn’t the sea of red that’s infiltrated Michigan in a few prior games. Michigan fans meant business.

It was a snowy and cold day in Ann Arbor, but that didn’t dissuade the crowd from making their presence known.

As great as some of the scenes were during the game of fans in the stands, nothing topped tens of thousands of folks storm the field.

For New York Times Bestselling writer/Michigan aficionado John U. Bacon, the atmosphere on Saturday was unprecedented.

It usually doesn’t take too long for coaches and players to make their way to the post-game press conference, but this wasn’t just any game — Michigan knocked off No. 2 Ohio State to advance to the Big Ten Championship after winning the Big Ten East. Fans and players wanted to savor every moment, they didn’t want to leave.

As good as the win was for Michigan, their journey isn’t over, and they have to get ready for Iowa in the Big Ten Championship Game next Saturday. Still, Michigan fans will be replaying these moments over and over for many years to come.