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Jim Harbaugh, Cade McNamara reflect on the special moments from OSU win

The win over Ohio State meant everything to the Wolverines.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Kirthmon F. Dozier / USA TODAY NETWORK

Saturday was a day Michigan Wolverine’s players, coaches and fans have been waiting a long time for — 10 years to be exact. A lot of streaks came to an end on Saturday: Michigan’s eight-game losing streak to Ohio State, Ohio State’s 29-game win streak in Big Ten play, Ohio State’s 21-game win streak against ranked Big Ten teams, and Michigan was the first team in the Big Ten to beat Ryan Day.

There’s no doubt about it; Saturday was special.

Everyone probably saw the video of Jim Harbaugh and Michigan basketball head coach Juwan Howard after the game on Saturday:

This was just one of the many special moments Harbaugh discussed in his press conference on Monday.

“A lot of moments, starting with the feeling after the game,” Harbaugh said when asked about what moments after the win stood out to him. “The pictures of the field covered and the stands still full. I mean how does that happen where you have completely full stands and the field completely covered? They were probably packing them in pretty good. Might’ve been a few thousand more than the 111,000 that were listed. The interaction with Juwan on the field was tremendous, especially the interactions with the players in the locker room after the game, and Warde and Doug, just every single person. Every mighty man and mighty woman of Michigan football, those were the most special, and with my kids and wife after the game, my parents, their 60th anniversary was on Nov. 25. Yeah, it was a glorious weekend.”

Harbaugh said he received several text messages from players after the game sharing just how great the day was.

“For many of us that was a tremendous, tremendous weekend and game,” Harbaugh said. “Many of the players texted me ‘this is the best ever,’ and I’m right there with them.”

One player who shared thoughts on how much the game meant to them was quarterback Cade McNamara, who said where the win ranks in his career moments.

“Beating Ohio State is definitely one of, if not the pinnacle of my career,” McNamara said. “Just being a part of this team is an honor, and for us to finally get over the hump, beating Ohio State means so much not just to me, but to the rest of these guys.”

Like McNamara said, Michigan has finally gotten over the hump and beaten Ohio State, and now new opportunities are on the horizon. The next one: a Big Ten title in Indianapolis on Saturday night against the Iowa Hawkeyes.