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Hunter Dickinson jokes he’s ready to suit up for Orange Bowl ‘if Harbaugh needs another guy’

Dickinson hopes he and the rest of his basketball teammates will be on hand for Michigan Football’s tilt vs. Georgia in the Orange Bowl.

NCAA Basketball: Minnesota at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan Basketball center Hunter Dickinson has made it clear he’s a major supporter of the Michigan Football team.

“That was a part of the reason I went to Michigan, the social life here,” Dickinson told the media back in July. “Michigan is just a special place, the community and stuff like that. Obviously, football games are something that everybody in Ann Arbor loves to go to. Having fans at your games is something special, having a crowded arena supporting you is a very good feeling.”

When speaking with the media on Monday, Dickinson described how special it’s been to watch the football team this year.

“I don’t think you could have asked for a better football season for Michigan. The fact that we still aren’t done with the season is a great thing to say. That’s just a testament to the work the football team put in,” Dickinson said. “We’re really big fans of them, everybody on the basketball team, including myself. We’re their biggest supporters, we love going to their games and supporting them as much as we can.”

Dickinson hopes to make it to at least one more football game this season, Michigan’s Orange Bowl playoff matchup against Georgia in Miami on Dec. 31.

The men’s basketball team plays in Orlando the night before and there’s a chance the basketball team will be on hand to root on the football team on New Year’s Eve. Basketball head coach Juwan Howard has been a major supporter of the football team, even embracing football head coach Jim Harbaugh in the immediate aftermath of Michigan beating Ohio State last month.

“Hopefully we’re able to go down to Miami, since we’re gonna be playing down in Orlando against UCF,” Dickinson said. “Hopefully coach (Howard) sets that up. Maybe have an appearance down there.”

And that’s when Dickinson made a joke, saying he’s ready to play some football if necessary.

“If Harbaugh needs another guy to suit up and dress for the game, I might have to hop in there,” Dickinson said.

Dickson said if he was to ever suit up and play football, he’d be a tight end “for sure” — Dickinson’s 7-foot-1 height and the incredible wingspan that goes along with it would be hard to stop in the red-zone.

Joking aside, Dickinson’s sincerity about the football team will continue during their playoff run, a run that hopefully has a win over Georgia and a trip to Indianapolis to play for all the marbles.

“It’s been great to support them. They’ve had a great season,” Dickinson said. “Hopefully they can take care of business vs. Georgia and play for the National Championship.”