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Discussion: What do you hope to see from Michigan in the Big Ten Championship?

The Wolverines and Hawkeyes face off tomorrow night.

Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

The Michigan Wolverines (11-1, 8-1 Big Ten) head to Indianapolis for the first time to take on the Iowa Hawkeyes (10-2, 7-2 Big Ten) for the Big Ten Championship Saturday night.

After a glorious 42-27 statement victory over rival Ohio State last weekend, the Wolverines moved up to No. 2. Meanwhile, the Hawkeyes enter Indianapolis ranked No. 13 after defeating Nebraska by seven points. With a win, the Wolverines will lock in their first CFP appearance.

Michigan and its fans have felt on top of the world since last Saturday and don’t show any indication of coming back down. With fervor, they have been buying up tickets and hotels to Indy that are magnitudes above the typical price just to see their team compete for a conference championship. Fans are flying from all over the country to witness this, and the streets of Indianapolis should be littered with flashes of maize and blue everywhere this weekend. Ticket resellers have capitalized all week on Wolverine fans desperately wishing to see their team in their first conference title game. Not that it matters, Michigan made it and they are going.

Even if the stakes and the price were too high to go this weekend, there is still something to be said for watching from anywhere. Last weekend’s game is a testament to that. Over 15.8 million people tuned in to watch the Michigan-Ohio State game. I am going to guess this weekend will put up some numbers as well. What are you doing for the game this weekend and how will you be watching?

Among the celebrations, a lot of fans have been discussing the moment this season they realized this team was different. It’s been a pretty popular topic this week. A collective favorite was during the Wisconsin game. The Wolverines took over the Badgers’ tradition of “Jump Around.” Not only did they come away with a win, but they made it their mission to “take their juice.” This distinction turned a lot of heads, and this mentality worked. What was it for you?

I have been particularly perplexed by Cade McNamara’s quote about getting wins that past Michigan teams haven’t. After beating Nebraska by the skin of their teeth, McNamara insinuated if it were any other Michigan team, they wouldn’t have won. It was a testament to this team’s ability to win games that were tough or hard to make a comeback in. I didn’t think he was wrong, but I did think saying that after beating Nebraska was a little out of pocket. Regardless, this quote stuck with me. It was almost a “prove it” point for me the rest of the season. I needed evidence what he said could be backed up. Honestly, after we beat Penn State I thought he was on to something. Then we went on to beat Ohio State I knew he was right.

This weekend, McNamara has the chance to put his money where his mouth is once more. Iowa has been an interesting matchup to say the least for Michigan the last two meetings. The first came in 2016; Michigan was in CFP discussions that season, but lost in Iowa City in a particularly ugly game. When the Hawkeyes returned to the Big House three years later in 2019, it didn’t improve in any regard except that Michigan won. Hopefully there is a little more flare tomorrow.

Saturday night presents the opportunity for both teams to get their first conference title game win. The Hawkeyes went to Indy in 2015, ranked No. 4, but ultimately lost to Michigan State. They’ll make their second appearance and try to take down the No. 2 team in the country. Michigan seeks a win in its first appearance. What do you think will be the Wolverines’ advantage on Saturday night?

I believe the combination of talent and mentality will boost the Wolverines over the top. The whole country saw what Michigan did to Ohio State a week ago and it’s safe to presume Iowa is next. Michigan has the opportunity to seize a season no other team has done before under Jim Harbaugh. The drive to continue this phenomenal season will be tough for the Hawkeyes to handle on Saturday. What are you most excited about for this weekend? What do you hope to see from the Wolverines?

Michigan put itself into the driver’s seat this season and after getting a massive win last weekend, its season hopes are still very much within reach. The Wolverines have to come out firing on all cylinders. Luckily, this is a chance at history for this team. They could collect a title and go to the CFP to cap off an already successful year. Getting a win against a rival for the first time in a decade has made this season sweet, but now they and their fans can dream bigger. Hopefully they sweeten the deal and get a trophy in Indy.

This season has been a dream. The turnaround from a year ago has been incredible to watch, but they aren’t done yet. What’s in store for Michigan now? A whole lot more than it has been. Now let’s get a championship this weekend. Who’s with me? Share your thoughts about Saturday with us in the comments below!

Go Blue!