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Sherrone Moore’s ‘personable’, ‘interactive’ coaching style has OL room optimistic

“You can ask a lot more questions.”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 01 Michigan at Notre Dame Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This off-season Michigan assistant coach Sherrone Moore moved from coaching the tight ends to being named offensive line coach and co-offensive coordinator.

Former OL coach Ed Warinner and the program parting way surprised offensive lineman Adnrew Stueber somewhat, but he is optimistic that Moore will be able to get better production out of the unit.

Stueber noted that Moore’s coaching style has more of an open environment to it.

“It was definitely optimistic I think the offensive line seeing coach Moore replace his spot - much younger guys, he knows from experience, he played the position,” Stueber said. “As far as a transition — it’s a different kind of coaching style, a different kind of energy in the room. The younger guys are really appreciating it, it’s kind of more open room environment, you can ask a lot more questions.”

Stueber pointed to Moore’s coaching style being one that encourages dialogue between teacher and pupil, a room where there’s conversation, where questions can be asked, where a back and forth can take place.

“His coaching style is much more kind of personable, much more interactive I feel like. He comes from the tight ends, and that’s a lot smaller of a meeting room, it’s a lot smaller one, so when he brought it in he’s asking questions individual, he’s allowing kind of a discussion ‘what do you guys think about this, what do you think about that?’, and it’s a lot easier to kind of get discussion going and as an older guy I appreciate that a lot more.” Stueber said. “Obviously the younger guys are still learning so they’re a lot more quiet in the meetings trying to follow along, but as an older guy I appreciate being able to speak my mind, give my input, ask questions when needed.”

“I’m very enthusiastic, very energetic, very detailed, discipline oriented,” Moore said about his coaching style a couple years back. “I’m full speed, full throttle, but at the same time if they’re doing it right they’re going to know they’re doing it right. I’m congratulative and make sure they’re appropriately congratulated each time they do it right.”