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Michigan making major change to recruiting department leadership

There’s been a change in a critical area for Michigan football.

Michigan v Rutgers Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images

The offseason facelift of Michigan football’s inner workings continues, this time with a change at the top of the recruiting staff. According to multiple media reports, Michigan director of recruiting Matt Dudek submitted a letter of resignation on Wednesday and plans to take a similar job at Mississippi State.

Sam Webb of The Michigan Insider was the first to report the news. Several reports also state that former Michigan offensive lineman Courtney Morgan will replace Dudek in his vacated role.

Morgan played for Michigan from 1999-2003 and has worked in player development and support staff roles with San Jose State, UCLA and Fresno State. His addition is expected to increase Michigan’s recruiting footprint on the West coast and nationwide as they attempt to get back into prospect-rich states such as Florida and Texas.

Dudek’s efforts on the trail, especially during the pandemic, were commendable. However, this seems like a necessary change for all sides. Dudek was loved by players and families and was unafraid to mix it up on social media with fans.

Michigan has now overhauled almost its entire operation aside from the head coach since the offseason began. This suggests the license has been given for a multi-year retooling under Jim Harbaugh. It might not help them win football games this fall, but seeing if they can win enough to plant a foundation for sustainable success will determine if this new vision can be seen through to the end.