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Staff Roundtable: On Steve Clinkscale, home-and-homes we want to see

The coaching staff is once again set.

Vrbo Citrus Bowl - Michigan v Alabama Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

This week, members of the Maize n Brew staff came together to answer a few prompts about the Michigan Wolverines hiring a new defensive backs coach, as well as potential home-and-home series that we would like to see in the future.

Here is what we came up with for this edition of the roundtable:

How do you feel about Michigan’s coaching staff now that Steve Clinkscale has been hired?

Anthony Broome: Clinkscale was in the running for openings over the last few coaching cycles for Michigan, so the fact they were able to bring him in during a wild situation in May registers as a win. I am on board with the changes defensively, but it still does feel like it is going to take time to build back that side of the football.

Von Lozon: I pray to God everything is set in stone now. All jokes aside, the addition of Clink to the staff was the best possible move for Michigan. They made the hire quickly and got a guy who instantly upgrades recruiting in the state of Michigan and the state of Ohio. Kids and coaches alike love the guy, so it’s a boost to the staff on the recruiting trail. He’s also had several defensive backs drafted into the NFL during his time at Kentucky, so he has an eye for talent as well. Big move for the Wolverines.

Matt Eifert: I like the staff additions! However, I’m worried about how many will stick should the 2021 season go awry and Harbaugh not make it out. I’ve wanted Mike Hart to come home for years and love the Clinkscale hire but hope they would stay on through the next coaching change should it happen soon.

Trevor Woods: The coaching staff is pretty solid. There’s a lot of potential here. Hungry coaches who are younger across the board and more willing to go on the recruiting trail is a positive. Most of the said young coaches have plenty of impressive experience already and are still ascending in their profession and don’t want to take their shot at Michigan for granted. Michigan’s staff became stagnant, lethargic, and old in spirit overall — now there’s at least some semblance of hope. In regards to Clinkscale, it was a great hire considering Michigan needed to fill a spot in May — Harbaugh acted quickly and the loss of Linguist will ultimately have no impact on the team. Clinkscale can coach and recruit.

What’s a team you would love to see the football program schedule a home-and-home series with? Why?

Anthony Broome: One of these days, Michigan needs to pay Hawaii a visit after these recent games in Ann Arbor. Hopefully I would be able to get those travel expenses covered! In all seriousness, I would love to see them play USC or LSU. Those would probably be the two highest on my list at the moment. Making the trip to Mt. Pleasant wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, either!

Von Lozon: A home-and-home with LSU would be cool. Harbaugh and Orgeron are two of the more prominent figures in college football. Death Valley would make for a unique experience for the Wolverines, as the Big House would for the Tigers. LSU came up north to play Wisconsin a few years back, so they’re at the very least not afraid to go north, unlike other schools in the SEC.

Matt Eifert: USC. I’m still trying to recover from the 2004 and 2007 Rose Bowls. Not to mention the Trojans have been a nuisance on the recruiting trail recently. I’d love nothing more than to see Michigan finally get a win of any sort in Southern California.

Trevor Woods: Iowa State. Lots of Michigan fans were screaming for Matt Campbell to be Michigan’s next head coach in December. It would be nice to see Harbaugh and Michigan annihilate the Cyclones.

How do you feel about the Clinkscale hire? What home-and-home series would you like to see in the future? Join the conversation in the comments below or in our Discord channel!