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WATCH: Freshman Feature Episode 12 - Jaydon Hood

Breaking down the stats, recruiting, projection, and more for the true freshman inside linebacker

The Michigan Wolverines have had a great run of extremely athletic inside linebackers as of late. With top 10 draft pick Devin Bush and recently drafted Cam McGrone headed to the New England Patriots, Michigan is looking to continue their run of impressive athletic specimens at the second level. Michigan added a couple extremely athletic linebackers as a part of the 2021 class, namely early enrollee Junior Colson and Jaydon Hood. Colson has already gotten rave mentions for his contributions within the program this spring. Hood, a top 250 national recruit out of Florida, should help bolster the depth at that position that’s desperately needed.

Though there are some questions about his ability in pass coverage, Jaydon Hood’s speed, quick read & reaction ability, and extremely hard hitting makes him an intriguing prospect at the linebacker position. Having him already at 215 pounds at 6’1 makes him close to playing weight already, as well. His film is one of the more fun tapes to watch from the 2021 class, and I urge you to do so, as he’s likely a name to be remembered moving forward for the Wolverines.

Below are the timestamps for each section in this video.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:30 - High School
  • 01:19 - Stats
  • 01:43 - Metrics
  • 01:52 - Rankings
  • 02:13 - Offers
  • 02:35 - Recruitment
  • 03:30 - Scouting
  • 04:30 - Film
  • 04:43 - Comparison
  • 06:20 - Projection