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Brady/Mickelson vs. Rodgers/DeChambeau bound to be a momentous summer spectacle

The Match: Champions For Charity Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images for The Match

An exhibition golf match in July is going to be highly competitive and have a plethora of intrigue surrounding it.

Big Sky, Montana.

July 6th.

Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson vs. Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau.

Mickelson is fresh off a win at the PGA Championship, becoming the oldest player to win a major at the age of 50. Tom Brady is coming off a Super Bowl victory, his seventh, becoming the oldest starting QB to win a Super Bowl at 43 years old.

Rodgers just had an MVP season at 37 years old and is living it up in Hawaii instead of attending OTAs with the Green Bay Packers. It appears that Rodgers is headed towards a divorce with the Packers and he’ll be traded sooner rather than later, perhaps well before this July 6 golf outing.

DeChambeau is known for his analytical approach to golf, but in recent years he’s bulked up and can drive the ball as far as anyone in the game — a prime example of this is when he hit the ball over a lake earlier this year.

DeChambeau recently got under the skin of Brooks Koepka and has become part of a viral meme — a meme in which Tom Brady is now using to promote The Match and throw some good hearted shade at his rivals.

The fact of the matter is while Mickelson and DeChambeau are cream of the crop PGA Tour golfers, Brady and Rodgers are good golfers in their own right and often play in celebrity tournaments. Most notably, Tom Brady partnered with Mickelson a year ago to face Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning. The tilt went down to the wire with Woods and Manning prevailing. Although Brady wasn’t victorious last year, he made the most impressive shot of the day and shut up Charles Barkley (who Brady could hear while he was golfing through an ear monitor) in the process.

A mountainous Montana environment, four of the most competitive athletes on the planet going at it, all mic’d up for the event — what’s not to like? Love these two duos or hate them, The Match is bound to have its moments of suspense.