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Erick All’s career at Michigan, 2021 outlook

All is someone who needs to take his game to the next level.

Michigan v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

Tight end Erick All could play a key role for Michigan this season. The 2021 season will need better production from the tight end group, All included.

Here’s a look at All’s career to this point, and what may be to come in the days ahead.

The story so far

All was a four-star TE out of Fairfield, Ohio who was ranked as the No. 13 overall at TE in the 2019 class. All’s career at Michigan to this point consists of 13 receptions, 12 of which came in 2020.

All’s had a handful of drops and hasn’t been a reliable contributor on offense to this point. Offensive coordinator Josh Gattis says how All performs in practice has yet to translate into consistent production on Saturday’s.

“His talent really hasn’t displayed itself in game-like situations. The catches, the ability he’s displayed each and every day in practice, we gotta build that confidence up with him, making sure we don’t let him hang on a negative play. I think one of the things, as a play-caller that I’ve discussed this offseason is if he drops a ball or he doesn’t make a play, find a way to come back to him, find a way to build that confidence,” Gattis said in April. “Because these kids go on confidence. When they’re good, they’re good. When they’re bad, they’re bad. The ability to make sure as a staff that we’re following that closely and certain guys need certain touches to get themselves going. And Erick’s another one of those guys.”

Outlook moving forward

Players can improve, players can get better, and All’s going to need to find consistency if he’s to have any shot at success at Michigan. Aiding All is having a full off-season to actually practice with his teammates and build a rapport with the QBs. Another reason All may have a better season than 2020 is that the QB play will likely be better this year.

All’s quick for a tight end, shows flashes of being dangerous in the open field, and had some incredibly impressive high school film. All may have just needed to go through some growing pains before reaching a higher level of play. However, we’ll see if expectations meet reality.