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WATCH: Freshman Feature Episode 8 - Raheem Anderson

Breaking down the stats, recruitment, projection, and more of the 4* true freshman offensive lineman

This is one of those recruitments that falls within the “embarrassment of riches” categories. Getting Raheem Anderson committed marks the second offensive center of the 2021 recruiting class for the Michigan Wolverines, with fellow center Greg Crippen of IMG Academy also an early enrollee member of the 2021 class.

It’s generally hard to find a high school offensive lineman who has extensive experience at the center position. This is due to the likelihood that these players with Division 1 capabilities are typically are the best on the team, and thus slotted for a tackle or guard position, where they can potentially impact the game more.

With the case of Raheem Anderson, though, he has the combination of having a great frame for the center position, and extremely smart mind for taking command of the offensive line, and a member of a team that has a ton of talent. Add these three things up and you have an extremely high floor incoming freshman who has experience at that position.

Let’s dive into his film and cover all aspects of his game ahead of the 2021 season.

Below are the timestamps for each section in this video.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:36 - High School
  • 01:20 - Stats
  • 01:24 - Metrics
  • 01:45 - Rankings
  • 02:12 - Offers
  • 02:44 - Recruitment
  • 03:25 - Scouting
  • 04:39 - Film
  • 04:50 - Comparison
  • 05:54 - Projection