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WATCH: Freshman Feature Episode 16 - Kechaun Bennett

Breaking down the scouting, stats, projection, and more for the true freshman defensive lineman.

The Michigan Wolverines have found themselves another hybrid! We all know the “Viper” position - a safety/linebacker hybrid that needs to be quick enough to cover running backs in the pass game while stout enough to handle offensive linemen trying to block them in the run game. Hybrid defenders are becoming increasingly more valuable in a game where defense takes a backseat to offensive production, and Kechaun Bennett fits in as a potential Uche-type replacement.

Josh Uche came in to Ann Arbor as a rail-thin LB-shaped guy who had the speed of a safety. Eventually he grew into an edge-rush specialist and wreaked havoc to his way to a 2nd round draft pick. For the 2021 recruiting cycle, the top recruit out of Connecticut, Kechaun Bennett, brings his own hybrid skillset. At 6’4 220lb, it’s more likely he plays a traditional defensive end position before his career is over, but his pass rush ability provides a lot of versatility to his game.

With only David Ojabo, Taylor Upshaw, and Braiden McGregor at the “EDGE” position that Bennett will initially slot in at, there’s plenty of room for Bennett to make his mark.

Below are the timestamps for each section in this video.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:31 - High School
  • 01:06 - Stats
  • 01:24 - Metrics
  • 01:50 - Rankings
  • 02:22 - Offers
  • 02:55 - Recruitment
  • 03:41 - Scouting
  • 04:48 - Film
  • 05:00 - Comparison
  • 07:02 - Projection