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Roundtable: College football bucket list road trips

One stands out above the rest.

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl-Oregon vs Wisconsin Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This week, members of the Maize n Brew staff got together to answer a few questions about college football road trips they have on their lists in the future and if any special plans have been made for football season coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here’s what we have to share!

What is the college football road trip, Michigan or otherwise, that is on your bucket list to experience and why?

Von Lozon: The Rose Bowl. The tradition is unlike any other in college football, and it’s always a premier matchup. Plus, it’s in Pasadena, so you’re guaranteed to get some sunshine. I’d also love to go see a game at LSU and Texas A&M sometime; their crowds really get into it.

Matt Eifert: My college football bucket list is short and sweet: to see Michigan play in a Rose Bowl. Obviously, the luster of the Rose Bowl has diminished a bit with the introduction of the CFP, but there’s still so much history surrounding the Rose Bowl and all of the pre-game festivities.

Anthony Broome: My other colleagues have mentioned the Rose Bowl, which would be great obviously. But I am going to step away from that and pick a night game at LSU. I’ve heard tremendous things and it would be great to take in one of those games against Alabama or another powerhouse SEC team. I’ve never experienced football in the south and that feels like it would be a cool way to do it.

Kellen Voss: There’s an obvious answer here. It’s the Rose Bowl. Taking in the parade and the pageantry in one of the most beautiful cities in American on top of it usually being a decent football game sounds like a hoot and a half.

Coming out of the pandemic, have you made any special plans for the college football season?

Von Lozon: Nothing finalized yet, but I intend on being at the Big House for a few games. I’m just excited to tailgate once again and be around the folks I usually am down in Ann Arbor with on game days. I won’t take all that for granted anymore, that’s for sure!

Matt Eifert: All I want is to experience the tailgating, marching bands, and pageantry of a college football Saturday. I’ve made plans to tailgate at least twice this fall depending on ticket prices.

Anthony Broome: Still in the planning stages, but hoping to knock off a few of the Big Ten road venues that I have not seen yet, which is pretty much all of them aside from Michigan State and Ohio State. Road dates with Wisconsin and Penn State are on the list for me this year as potential options.

Kellen Voss: Not yet, but just the fact that there is a set in the college football is amazing. Not knowing what games would be canceled and how many games were going to be played was yet another uncertain stressor added to last year. Knowing that stadiums will be rocking should make this one of the most anticipated seasons in college football history.