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Staff Roundtable: Best and worst Big House memories

Also, what we missed out on during the pandemic.

Notre Dame v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Members of the Maize n Brew staff got together this week to discuss some of their favorite memories of Michigan Stadium. Of course, we had to include some of the dud memories as well.

Here we go!

What’s the best game you’ve seen in person at Michigan Stadium? (If you haven’t been before, your favorite Michigan home win works).

Von: I’ve been to many great games, but the last win against Ohio State in 2011 is an incredibly memorable game. Denard lit up the Buckeyes and slotted Michigan into a NY6 bowl for the first time in what seemed like an eternity. A more recent one that sticks out is the Notre Dame game in 2019. In the pouring rain, the Wolverines ran, and ran, and ran some more. Hassan Haskins was a force in that game, and the atmosphere was electric under the lights of Michigan Stadium.

Trevor: Michigan demolishing Notre Dame 45-14 in 2019. The rivalry won’t transpire again until the 2030s, which gives that rainy night at The Big House more meaning.

Anthony: Those home games during the Revenge Tour in 2018 were fun, but my first-ever Michigan game was when they played Notre Dame in 2011. Talk about a wild first experience!

Matt: I’ve had terrible luck with seeing good games at the Big House. I’m only able to attend one or two a year and almost all have been clunkers. I was, however, at the Michigan vs. Appalachian State game in 2014 (the second one). While it was dumb of Dave Brandon to schedule App State in the first place, that game gave me optimism through the roof. Seeing Devin Funchess catch three touchdown passes made me think we had the second-coming of Braylon Edwards, not to mention both Derrick Green and De’Veon Smith both went easily over 100 yards.

Dan: Growing up in California and now being a poor college graduate in Wisconsin, I have yet to see a game at The Big House to this point. I have been to the stadium and even been on the court at the Crisler Center (that’s a whole different story). But, my favorite Michigan home win has to go to the Notre Dame win under the lights when Denard Robinson brought us back after being down 24-7 in the fourth quarter. He marched down the field twice in the span of 2 minutes and Michigan won on the pass to Roy Roundtree with just two seconds to go. That game will forever be etched into my brain and the celebration with my family, while it happened, was absolutely absurd.

What’s the worst game you’ve seen in person at Michigan Stadium (Same as above if you haven’t been there before)

Von: Ohio State in 2019. Michigan looked defeated by halftime, and there was WAY too much red in that stadium that day. Almost made me sick.

Trevor: Just like the best game, the worst game was another rainy night in Ann Arbor — when Michigan lost 14-10 against Michigan State in 2017 with John O’Korn at QB. The score was close, but this was an ugly game, and a game Michigan had no business losing.

Anthony: This was in a working capacity, but the “Trouble With The Snap” game will go down as an all-timer. I was a younger blogger at the time and thought I was awesome because I had all of my postgame coverage planned out and my game story was finished. Fate had other plans that day. It is still the most stunning sporting event I have ever been at.

Matt: The 2014 game against Minnesota was one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Not only did Michigan keep Shane Morris in the game when he was obviously concussed, but it felt like the final nail in Brady Hoke’s coffin. I’ve never felt such anxiety and apathy in a stadium all at the same time.

Dan: I haven’t seen a game at Michigan Stadium to this point. But, the worst one for me was the trouble with the snap loss to the Spartans. I have family that are HUGE Michigan State fans and I never hear the end of it, still nearly 6 years later. It was the most pathetic collapse I have seen from the Wolverines at home and was a game that should have very easily been won.

What’s your favorite non-game thing about college football Saturdays that we missed out on during the pandemic?

Von: Tailgating is the obvious answer. Being able to toss the football around, play some cornhole, drink a couple cold ones and eat some burgers before the game is half the fun of a college football Saturday, and there aren’t many better places to do that than Ann Arbor.

Trevor: The tailgates, the people, the food.

Anthony: I missed the walks from the car through downtown, on the golf course, and around the stadium. I am looking forward to getting back to that this season.

Matt: The easy answer for me is tailgating. There’s nothing better than getting sunburnt to a crisp on the golf course early in the season while enjoying a beverage or two.

Dan: I have just missed being with people watching football. Sitting by yourself watching a game and cheering alone (or with your wife reading next to you) just is not the same. The atmosphere of celebrating with other fans and conversing during halftime and commercial breaks was dearly missed. Whether it’s at home, at a bar, or at a friend’s house, I just can’t wait to watch football with people again!