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Roundtable: A bunch of dudes name random Michigan athletes they remember

Typical dudes.

Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Earlier this week, a viral tweet pointed out that dudes tend to sit around, name random athletes, and be massively entertained. It was 100% accurate and would wind up becoming a talking point for the staff this week.

So here you go. A few random dudes getting together to remember the first Wolverines that popped into their brains.

Von Lozon: Cornerback Courtney Avery. He was the guy who sealed the deal against OSU in 2011 on fourth down with an interception. Sadly, that’s the last time Michigan beat the Buckeyes. But it’s nice to know a guy from Ohio lent a helping hand in Michigan’s last W against OSU.

Stephen Osentoski: Eric Grajales - Wrestling

A really solid wrestler for the Wolverines while I was a student, earning All-American honors his final year in 2014. He launched a HUGE comeback against Alton of Penn State on a senior day in one of the worst officiated matches I’ve ever seen. I distinctly remember being at work watching this match live and losing my damn mind. It was glorious and a gutsy performance from Grajales, picking up a pin with 5 seconds remaining in the match.

For his final match at Cliff Keen Arena, it was the best send-off I’ve ever seen for an athlete.

Andrew Bailey: Drew Dileo. The man ran onto the field, slid 5 yards to hold a game-tying field goal against Northwestern, and accomplished this entire process in about 11.5 seconds. Statues will not be made of Drew Dileo, but the ‘Dileo Slide’ will never be forgotten.

Kellen Voss: Mark Donnal, the big man who played with Michigan from 2014-15 to 2016-17. He was a key role player on those squads. Remember when he had 26 against Illinois and 25 against Maryland? His Illinois performance is one of the most underrated games from a Michigan men’s basketball player in the 2010s. It felt like a typo when looking at the box score after. Hope he’s doing well.

Matt Eifert: Two Michigan Wolverines were drafted in the seventh round of the 2004 NFL Draft. Can you name them? The easy answer is John Navarre. The other is quite a bit more ambiguous. Now a high school offensive line coach in Burbank, Illinois, Tony Pape was the 221st pick of the 2004 draft. The All-Big Ten offensive tackle never played a down in the NFL but was a surprise selection by the Miami Dolphins.

Anthony Broome: Russell Bellomy. This poor guy was in over his head when he replaced Denard Robinson due to injury in 2012 in the Nebraska game. Michigan had Devin Gardner playing wide receiver at the time and he wasn’t ready to step into the lineup as a quarterback just yet. That experiment did not last long, but Bellomy’s place in Michigan history is what it is.

What random players from Michigan history do you remember and why? Keep the conversation going below.