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Roundtable: One piece of advice for travelers to Ann Arbor this fall

Coming to Ann Arbor this year for a game? We’ve got a few tips for you.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 25 Ohio State at Michigan Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This week, members of the Maize n Brew staff got together to share some brief tidbits of advice for those looking to make their way to Ann Arbor for a game this fall. Here is what our panel of five this week said when asked what you should be putting your efforts into when traveling to the Big House and surrounding area.

Scott White: Tailgate before the game at the golf course

Von Lozon: If it’s later in the season, always have your winter gear ready! But also be ready for the nightmare that is parking and getting to and from the stadium. I love AA, but parking is the one major issue with that city.

Lastly…STAND UP AND GET LOUD! Please for the love of god make that place a nightmare to play at for opposing teams.

Daniel Dash: Appreciate the little things. After a year without college football, don’t take anything for granted while walking around Ann Arbor for home football games this fall. Whether it be the camaraderie of campus, aroma of tailgates or liveliness of the town itself, make sure you soak up as much as possible. Hit all your favorite food stops and take in the walk down Hoover Street to the Big House, because it’s been a long time since fall Saturdays have felt normal.

Trevor Woods: Whether the game is at noon, 3:30, 7:30, give yourself enough time to enjoy downtown along with the tailgating atmosphere at the golf course across from The Big House. Ann Arbor has a great downtown with lots to offer and a wide variety of great food and drinks options. When it comes to tailgating, it doesn’t get much better than the vibes and the thousands of people you will encounter at the golf course. Good memories will ensue. In short, my advice is to not rush the experience, make sure you’re able to experience all the happenings in town and on campus before you head into the stadium itself.

Stephen Osentoski: Skip Zingerman’s. Honestly. Go to Maize & Blue Deli - you’ll save yourself the time, money, and get way more bang for your buck. Besides that, just give yourself some time to walk around campus. One of the most beautiful college towns out there and it’s worth spending some time at!

What sorts of advice do you have for people traveling to Ann Arbor this fall? Sound off in the comments below.