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VIDEO: Jim Harbaugh pushes weight sled at Michigan practice

Harbaugh takes his turn at the weight sled.

NCAA Football: Florida at Michigan Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan Football team is in the midst of their fall camp and head coach Jim Harbaugh is getting his reps in.

In a video shared by Big Ten Network’s Dave Revsine, Harbaugh is pushing a weight sled.

After practice Harbaugh was asked when was the last time he was in as good of shape as he is in now — “Back to my playing weight, so probably since then. Since I got done playing.”

Harbaugh practicing with the team isn’t anything new throughout his coaching career. As head coach of University of San Diego, Harbaugh would run with the players.

The most notable story would be when Harbaugh put on pads and took reps at quarterback when he was head coach of the San Francisco 49ers. “He dressed up in full gear and practiced the whole practice — pads, helmets, everything on. He had the whole uniform on,’’ NFL tight end Delanie Walker said. “We came out and said, ‘Who is that dude out there?’ And it was Jim Harbaugh. He had some old high top cleats on. He did pretty good. He just couldn’t throw the deep, deep pass.”