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German Green’s road to Michigan, outlook for 2021 season

The twin brother of Gemon Green is up next in our series.

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All eyes are going to be on Michigan’s defense for the upcoming 2021 season purely for its newness. After the upheaval of Don Brown’s system and an influx of new blood, the defensive scheme is getting a much-anticipated makeover. It’s safe to assume that now everyone has a shot to prove themselves as having a place in the new order of things. As it currently stands, Jim Harbaugh has mentioned only one starter at cornerback, senior Gemon Green, indicating there is an open place for someone ready to step up. If there was a time to make a statement it’s now.

German Green, the twin brother of Gemon, has spent the majority of his collegiate career with Michigan’s special teams. Green is the type of player that goes where he is needed, then modifies and molds to the area of expertise that is calling for his success. Perhaps he has found his role with the team here. Plus it’s not the first time he has had to transition to different areas based on need.

The Road to Michigan

German Green was recruited out of Desoto, Texas with his twin brother. They were both graded three stars from the Northern Texas area and seen as Michigan’s foot in the door with Texas recruiting. German Green was a top-100 safety in the state of Texas in 2017. This put him on Michigan’s radar along with his 6-foot-2 frame and general athletic malleability potential. While Green mainly lined up at safety for his high school, he and his brother ultimately committed to Michigan as well-regarded cornerback recruits. For German Green, Michigan won out over the likes of Oklahoma State, Colorado, and Tennessee, to name a few.

The fall of 2018 marked the beginning of Green’s time at Michigan, though he didn’t see the field his freshman year. Green made his first appearance with special teams as a redshirt sophomore in 2019 against Rutgers.

Green is listed currently as a senior defensive back for the upcoming 2021 season. During the 2020 season, Green saw the field for all six games Michigan played in. While the season was half of what constitutes a normal season, Green made the most of it by recording his first solo tackle for the books in the opener against Minnesota. Green was out on the field mostly with special teams but saw play in a single game as a cornerback this past season.

Outlook for 2021

Being a contributor to special teams and spending a lot of time learning the program is Green earning his dues. His efforts in preparing and raising the standards for the offense in practice haven’t gone unnoticed. The coaching staff has recognized the contributions he has made by giving him CB play time in games. Would this push for his contention amongst the other CBs vying for a spot in the new defense? It’s hard to tell at the moment.

The point stands that he consistently performs where the team needs him to and has rightfully earned the confidence of his coaching staff and teammates. This should lead him to make more appearances on the field this season as exemplified by his consistent presence last year. With a lot of room to grow and make an impact, Green surely hasn’t hit his ceiling of potential. Hopefully, we will get to see more of what Green has to offer, wherever that may be.