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WATCH: Michigan Football’s top three breakout players on offense

Calling my shot for the three top candidates for breakout players for the Wolverines offense in the upcoming season

Most Michigan Wolverines fans would agree that Hassan Haskins is an established, known quantity at the running back position. Though there’s some pressure from the true freshman five-star, I’d argue most fans have accepted the quarterback room is led by Cade McNamara. Finally, Ronnie Bell has been a continued play-maker at the wideout position and is expected to lead that position this season, as well. But what happens beyond those known commodities? Today, I answer that question.

I scoured the offensive depth chart to answer the question “Who is going to be a new name this year for the Wolverines?” Every year we see a couple of guys step up and become a vital part of the offense before it looked like they would have. Both Haskins and Bell fall into that category. Check out the video to see which players I predict will make that impact in 2021, a year in which the offense truly needs to carry the team if the Wolverines want to even sniff some championship hopes.

Below are the timestamps for each section in this video.

  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 00:53 - HM
  • 02:21 - #3
  • 04:03 - #2
  • 05:14 - Shoutouts
  • 05:45 - #1