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Ron Bellamy: ‘There are answers for problems’ with Michigan’s new defense

The installation has been a work in progress with identifiable solutions.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 21 Michigan at Rutgers Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Michigan Wolverines safeties coach Ron Bellamy was originally brought on to Jim Harbaugh’s retooled staff on the offensive side of the ball. Then, some roles shifted and he found himself part of the new-look defense under coordinator Mike Macdonald.

The bulk of the offseason and fall camp has been dealing with the installation of the new system, which they are hoping helps be more multiple in its looks and provide some versatility depending on what’s thrown at them. Bellamy says that what ails them so far are things that have solutions they can point to.

“There are answers. There are answers for problems, and in order to have answers for problems, you’ve got to have some smart kids back there — and we’re fortunate enough to have those kids,” Bellamy said last week. “Coach Macdonald, he’s a bright guy; he’s sharp. The kids love him.

“I use the word vision a lot, because every coach has a vision of what they want things to look like. The coaches and players, we’ve all bought in, and we want to execute that vision.”

Communication has been a running theme of things that Michigan believes is most improved heading into this year. Head coach Jim Harbaugh has praised that a few times and cited the cohesiveness and collaboration of the staff as things he is most proud of this offseason.

Bellmany sees it too, especially with the integration of defensive backs coach Steve Clinkscale after spring football.

“For us, bringing in a new defensive scheme, we like to meet together, more often than not just so we all speak the same language, especially with Coach Clink coming in after spring ball,” Bellamy said “It’s been great, just for the safeties to hear what the corners and nickels are doing. He and I have worked well together. We’ve had a long-lasting relationship. When he recruited West Bloomfield. I’ve known Coach Clink for over a decade. He and I work really well together.”

Michigan has one more week of fall camp before kicking things off on Sept. 4 against Western Michigan.