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WATCH: Film Analysis vs. Western Michigan

Breaking down the Michigan Wolverines offensive performance against the Broncos of Western Michigan

The Michigan Wolverines had themselves a DAY on offense. 335 of the Wolverines 551 total offensive yards came on the ground, where Blake Corum established himself. With over 100 yards, 1 rushing touchdown, 1 receiving touchdown, and a 79-yard kick return, you’ll see him featured on most of these analysis plays.

While Cade McNamara wasn’t a standout player in this one at only 136 yards, that came with 2 touchdowns on 9/11 passing. He really couldn’t have been more efficient and was exactly what Michigan needed him to be in the opener. Through solid decision-making and accurate throws, there was little doubt that he is the man for the job.

Check out my analysis of the offense - what went right, who could’ve done a bit better, and how the Wolverines found the level of success they did. Leave a comment below on anything I missed or additional commentary you may have!