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WATCH: Our ‘Year 7’ Michigan football hype video will have you ready to run through a wall

If you’re not pumped, you’re not living!

For better or worse, the Michigan Wolverines 2021 football season is days away. There’s not a single person in the building or the fanbase that will not admit that last year was a total unmitigated disaster. We simply never thought we’d see a Jim Harbaugh team look the way it did, but it happened. And now it’s over and the page has been turned.

Hope springs eternal in Ann Arbor with new blood up and down the coaching staff and a fresh start for everyone in the program. Everyone except for Jim Harbaugh, who has to find a way to steer this group to success, or, in his words, “die trying.”

The only way out of the hole is to start making the climb. That’s the goal for the Wolverines this season. Last year is in the past and it’s time to move forward. Hope you enjoy our hype video ahead of the 2021 season!