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Jim Harbaugh praises Michigan football’s ‘humming’ coaching staff, linebackers

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Jim Harbaugh loves what he is seeing out of Michigan football’s linebackers.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Kirthmon F. Dozier via Imagn Content Services, LLC

The Michigan Wolverines have roared out to a 3-0 start after an offseason infused with new blood and schematics to work with on the defensive side of the football. Michigan has responded to that by ripping through non-conference opponents by a margin of 142-34.

It has been symbolic of just how well the new staff has clicked with the players on the roster.

“They’re humming,” Harbaugh said during his Monday press conference. “I’ve talked about the players and how hard they play and they’re having fun doing it and you see it. The other thing I see is the staff. The defensive staff, the offensive staff (is) real cohesive, real good. And they’re humming, they’re humming. You go by those meetings, sit in those meetings, you can really see it and hear it. It’s great football being discussed and they’re on the same page. Humming.”

Defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald has his unit playing fast and aggressive at all times, especially with George Helow’s linebackers.

“Yeah, Josh Ross just continues to play so well,” Harbaugh said. “All out, all the time, playing with great instincts. And the strength is there. When he’s covered up, and he was — I’m thinking one play in particular, the guard had the angle on him, came off of a deuce block, had him right in his sights and Josh was able to take on the hit, duck, get in on the tackle. The run went for three or four yards, but he still made the play. He’s doing some great things. As good as any linebacker play as I’ve been around since I’ve been here.”

One of the future stars at the linebacker position for Michigan is true freshman Junior Colson, who continues to get a little bit of run every week. He is starting to look less and less like a first-year player.

“He’s really playing well,” Harbaugh said. “I was gonna say he doesn’t look like a freshman out there, but physically he’s really ahead of his years. He really studies and prepares. I probably should just stop there. Junior’s gonna be good, and the longer it takes him to figure that out, probably the better off he’ll be. He’s really on a good track.”