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Jim Harbaugh explains how Michigan’s preparing for ‘tough environment’ at Wisconsin

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Michigan’s getting ready for a loud crowd in Madison.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 21 Michigan at Wisconsin Photo by Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Camp Randall Stadium is a tough place to play. It’s rowdy, sometimes hostile, and it’s usually very loud. Wisconsin’s home field advantage is very much for real.

During the song “Jump Around” it gets so raucous that the press box actually shakes.

Michigan heads into the belly of the beast to take on 1-2 Wisconsin this Saturday, and head coach Jim Harbaugh said the team is preparing for the crowd noise.

“How you deal with the communication, snap count simulated with crowd noise, etc. We’ll make it that way all week,” Harbaugh told the media on Monday.

Michigan’s started the season 4-0, but this marks their first road game of the season. Harbaugh knows Michigan will have to adjust.

“It’ll be an adjustment. That’s a tough environment for an offense, an opposing offense to play in, too,” Harbaugh said. “Test your poise, your ability to communicate verbally, non-verbally. It’s definitely an added element to overcome.”

When it comes to the recipe for a road win, Harbaugh said good defense, complimentary football on offense, and limiting turnovers.

“Being good on defense, you gotta pack your defense when you go on these tough road games. And then offensively, you gotta start fast, you have to not turn the ball over,” Harbaugh told WXYZ’s Brad Galli. “That’s something that’s got us the past couple trips to Madison. I think our team has been doing good at that.”

Harbaugh joked with Galli that the team may get a few noise complaints this week by folks living on State Street (near the practice facility), but they have to generate some crowd noise before they head to Camp Randall. For Michigan, hopefully the noise is worth it.

“It’s exciting to have this opportunity, this challenge,” Harbaugh said. “See how far this football team’s come. See if we can win on the road. Meet that challenge and we’re preparing for it. It’ll be a big task, no question about it.”