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WATCH: Offensive Struggles Film Analysis vs. Rutgers

Breaking down the offensive struggles against the Scarlet Knights.

The Michigan Wolverines found themselves up 20-3 at halftime against the Rutgers Scarlet Knights. The game was seemingly on the right track, finding success both on the ground and through the air with relative ease. Sure, a late half missed pass to Schoonmaker that would’ve made it 24-3 was frustrating, but I think most would agree that Michigan put together a very solid half of football.

Then, a very not solid of football ensued. Michigan failed to pick up a first down until late in the fourth quarter, and Rutgers pulled within a score with multiple possessions to try to even the game. A Wolverine rushing attack that was averaging 350 yards per game was held to just 112 yards this past Saturday, with McNamara unable to get the offense out of the funk with 163 yards passing on 9 of 16 attempts. So what went wrong? What did Rutgers do to shut down the Michigan offense? Let’s figure it all out in some film analysis, as we always have.

As always, leave a comment below with any questions or additional notes you have that I may have missed in one of these plays.